Implicit in life is the need to sometimes break away, to escape from the pain, confusion, peril and uncertainty that comes with living in a world where nothing is guaranteed and irrevocable change can occur without warning or the opportunity to prepare. 
Project “Paper Dreams” is a photographic creation of my past, as well as my temporary escape from that past. ‘Paper Dreams’ is searingly simplistic photographic journey of escape, one based upon a painfully difficult time in my life in which retreat into a fantastical world seemed the only viable refuge. This artistic “escape” presented in the form of haunting photographic collection which utilizes a handmade doll, and thoroughly explores the creamy yet gritty look of the photo lith process. 
In ‘Paper Dreams’ I have captured the notion of escape in a series of moments in time that effortlessly introduce substantive infinity to a realm that seems innately transitory. The viewer sees momentary glimpses into a world that cannot be explained or limited in any way. Yet each scene as timeless and unforgettable. Those scenes want to evoke familiarity, at the same time remain eerily distant. The protagonist doll cannot offer comfort we can rely on, only the promise that we have left, at least for the moment, the pain of reality. I hope that the ‘formula’ utilized for fleeing the scourges of the real world is inviting to the viewer , with each piece of the visual puzzle appearing vaguely representative of reality . Yet for me, its evasiveness is what is most comforting, most appealing. One thing seems certain, the time spent in the inexplicably solicitous realm of Paper Dreams was time well spent. For not only has the viewer shared with me my vision of comfort, escape and peace, hopefully both the viewer and I have experienced a realm we will want to revisit, again and again.

Doll created by Popovy Sisters

Clothes are designed by Agnieszka Podczaszy

Chair in"'Dark Butterflies" made by Kari Bloom